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Setting the record straight

OK, I am fucking tired of hearing wingnut bloggers (and self-described moderates) saying that Cindy Sheehan's "whole family is speaking out against her." This is then followed by a link to ... the Drudge Report.

One woman, claiming to represent other members of Casey Sheehan's family, has written a letter condemning her. Other members of the Sheehan family are supporting Cindy. Is it at all surprising that every last blood relative of Casey Sheehan doesn't agree with Cindy? No. Is this tantamount to "Cindy Sheehan's family has come out against her"? No.

NO, you willfully ignorant pieces of shit.

This whole thing is getting incredibly ugly, with the right-wing blogosphere proving itself capable of deeper levels of depravity than even I would have thought possible. The wastes of sperm and egg calling Sheehan a media whore and leveling other slurs against her will have to live with the shame for the rest of their lives. In a just world, they would have the type of pain Cindy Sheehan has suffered visited upon them a thousand times over.

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