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Silly rabbit

There's really no purpose to this post other than simply making fun of random kooks who post comments on wingnut blogs.

"Umnumzana," commenting on this post by The Political Teen, responds to an anti-Intelligent Design post by another commenter:
I am sorry but your atheist, secular, socialist petticoat is showing! It takes a billion times greater faith to believe in evolution than it does intelligent design. This web site or any post will not allow any resonable debate about this subject, but I will say that many hundreds of respected scientists, while still believing in Darwinian Evolution have made it clear that Intelligent Design far better answers the scientific evidence than does evolution. I find it incredible that any intelligent human being can view the complex design of all things and then say this perfect, intricate design is the result of random mutations over time. And any design, but certainly complex design, requires the preexistence of a designer. Why are scientists and liberals so terrified about any discussion of intelligent design? Because they fear that man will be pulled down from his self constructed throne and be forced to admit the existence of God. If they admit God exists, they will have to bow down to Him and seek His forgiveness for denying his existence. Lastly, any admission of the existence of God will destroy the idea of a liberal, socialist utopia, a man-made paradise and no liberal is willing to admit that fact!

Oh, one more thing, I thought liberals believed in tolerance, isn’t it funny that the Judeo-Christian God is the one thing they simply cannot - ever tolerate in the public square? Allah is okay, Buddha or any other god is perfectly acceptable, but the God of the Christian faith must be rejected as having any role in the affairs of man!
You know, that reminds me: I need to pick up my atheist, secular, socialist petticoat from the cleaners.

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