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Somebody give this man a job

From Outside the Tent:
In response to Michelle’s despicable post where she channeled the deceased Casey Sheehan, a legal secretary at a Los Angeles law firm sent her a brief and vulgar e-mail (obscenities elided):
YOU STINK you nasty C***! Eat S*** and DIE b****!!
That’s the entire email. It’s not pretty. It’s not nice. It was a mistake. And I clearly don’t approve of sending such an email to anyone. Even Rush Limbaugh or Jonah Goldberg.

But instead of leaving it there, Michelle posted the email with the name of the sender and his e-mail address. The address showed that the sender worked at a Los Angeles law firm. Less than two hours later, the managing partner of that firm sends Michelle an email saying that the employee had been fired. And, of course, Michelle thanks him. Yes, she thanks him for firing somebody who had the effrontery to call her bad names.

Because, you see, in the Alice in Wonderland world that Michelle inhabits, it’s okay for Michelle to spit on the grieving mother of a dead soldier but completely unacceptable for somebody to call her a bitch for doing so.
This is ridiculous. Is it wrong to call somebody a cunt and a bitch and tell her to eat shit and die? Probably. But on the offensive behavior scale of 1-10, 1 being farting in an elevator and 10 being, I don't know, publishing racist screeds, this email rates about a 2. So now this poor guy is out of a job, while Michelle will keep making God knows how much until her date in Hell finally arrives.

We should see to it that the guy finds another job, pronto. This blog doesn't reach too many people, but it would be cool if some of the big boys (Atrios?) did what they could to help him out.

Meanwhile, Armando is telling us to take it easy on his friend Erick Erickson at, who called Cindy Sheehan a "media whore" -
Please do not call Erick's office. That is way out of bounds. I understand he retracted the "whore" comment, but even if he did not, that is just wrong. Do not call people at their work or home. That is really wrong.
Fuck that. Fuck Erickson and fuck Armando. I have no sympathy for anyone who engages in the type of hateful, bullshit attacks that have characterized the Right's response to Cindy Sheehan. When Michelle "I hear dead people" Malkin apologizes for getting someone fired for calling her a cunt - and even if you find the term 'cunt' offensive, the fact is that if anyone anywhere ever was a cunt, Malkin is one - then we can start feeling sorry for Erickson getting phone calls at home and work.

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