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Two party system

Amanda Marcotte on the Scaredy-crats:
I've changed my tune. For the Democrats to win, what they need to do is blow off the huge numbers of pro-choice Republican women who are very close to changing their votes over the Republicans' contempt for their basic rights in a futile effort to woo a couple of hardline conservatives away. I'm sure any day now the people swooning over the cock in a flight suit will suddenly say, "You know? I like the Republicans because they talk big and make me feel powerful and manly. But the Democrats offer a weak version of exactly the same thing, so I'll go with them."

Well, I can see why everyone is hoping that will work. Because the alternative is Democrats actually putting together a platform that calls for economic justice and pulling out of Iraq. And god forbid there come a day when we have two real parties in America instead of one party and their kid brother squawking, "Me too!"

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