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Why LaShawn?

Dum Pendebat Filius:
Can someone explain to me the LaShawn Barber phenomenon? ... the TTLB Ecosystem reports that her blog is the 20th biggest (in terms of incoming links) on the Internet. 1558 sites link to hers. can get wingnuttia of a similar tone and flavor in plenty of other places. What’s the appeal of LaShawn’s Corner? When she’s not declaring war on Islam and criticizing the Bush administration for its failure to torture and/or kill Muslims in sufficiently large numbers, she’s bragging about her entreprenurial ventures and declaring her Christian piety. I can understand why most of the high-traffic right-wing blogs have the readership they have, but not hers. Does anyone have any insights into this particular phenomenon?
My impression is that LaShawn started strong, but has now 'jumped the shark' in a major way.

Her blog is, quite simply, one of the most amateurish of all the 'top' sites. Her writing style most closely resembles that of Jackie Harvey from the Onion. I suspect that her high ranking is the result of having been blogrolled by a lot of people - probably because she stood out as a black, female conservative - rather than having her posts linked to on a regular basis. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw another major right-wing blog link to her, though I'm sure they have on occasion.

I think her 'ick' factor is a little too high even for those with similarly wingnutty dispositions, e.g. Michelle Malkin. She does an unseemly amount of self-promotion, and her desire to be a "big name" is just a little too transparent. In a word, she's tacky.

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