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The worst blogger

Right-winger John Cole is fed up with Michelle Malkin -
...this kind of bile coming from Michelle Malkin is fucking out of line, and spare me the ‘like it or not, this is news’ crap. It is goddamned disgraceful. Knock it off, take down that post, and then apologize. Cindy Sheehan’s marital status, her relationship with her husband- none of that is your damned business. Even if you think it ‘proves’ a point. If it proves anything, it proves that losing a son in war fucks up families. Thanks for the deep insight.

No fucking shame. I don’t give a shit what even the nastiest folks on the left say about Malkin anymore. She brings this shit on herself, with vicious bullshit like this.
I don't see why anybody gives a shit what people say about her - she must not be too upset about it, because she posts every nasty email she receives, never hesitating to play the victim. Poor little Michelle Malkin.

... for Christ's sake, people were up in arms because Mithras made a remark about her "tits" ... meanwhile, she's publishing vile, racist propaganda, rewarded with guest spots on Fox News.

Well, I haven't given a shit what anybody says about Malkin for some time. Fuck her and her tits. I welcome Cole to the party (better late than never) - now that Michelle has been fully exposed as the one who is truly "unhinged" (really - can you think of a better word to describe her?) - but let's not pretend that this behavior is exactly surprising.

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