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Beyond parody

I have become convinced that "Blogger for Bush" Mark Noonan is actually engaged in an elaborate, highly unorthodox form of performance art.
Well, what an interesting day. I write a small article expressing my dismay over the tactics the Democrats have chosen in lieu of, you know, engaging in politics and some of our leftwing friends go absolutely nuts. As I detailed in this thread, the comments we've received were heavily laced with obscenity and, of course, the random threats against my life and limb.

...In addition to the written threats, it appears that Air America radio hosts also take an interest in seeing physical violence directed at sweet, little bloggers like me...

As for me, I turn away from wrath - I am a Christian; I love my enemies, and I pray for those who hate me. No anger here - a great deal of dismay, but no hatred. It is, to say the least, alarming to be on the receiving end of death threats - but it seems to be in the nature of the left to issue such threats and use other hateful tactics and words. The left, after all, was born of a rejection of Judeo-Christian values...meaning, at bottom, a rejection of the divine love underlying the Judeo-Christian religious ethic. Born of a rejection of love, the left could do no other than disintegrate into a fanatic hatred of all things.

The people of the left will tell us of their love for mankind, their tolerance of diversity, their willingness to see another point of view...but this is the lies of people attempting to mask their true, hate-filled nature. I've never seen - not even on the worst of the racist sites - such a plethora of vulgar terminology. This is especially true of the use of anti-gay obscenities. I pray for the redemption of these poor people - that they can set aside their hatred, if even for a moment, and thus get the smallest ray of light into their lives.

As the left currently controls the Democratic Party, we must presume that the answer to the question - do the Democrats want a civil war? - to be, "yes". People who hate that much will not long be held to any standards of civilised behaviour - they are not walking towards perdition; they are over the doorstep and starting to pick up the strange things they see lying within. It is still my ernest hope that wise Democrats will purge their Party of the left - force them out; make them create their own Party of hatred, and be exposed for what they are...rather than, as now, continuing to hide behind the still-honored name of Democrat.

Time will tell the ultimate result of this boil of hatred latched upon the Democratic Party - as for we of the right, we can only continue to fight for what is right, and do what we believe to be the right thing.

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