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Bridge to Nowhere

Actually the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instapundit and NZ Bear are leading a blog charge to identify unnecessary "pork" in the federal budget, the idea being that the money for the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast has to come from somewhere, and dammit, Instapundit needs his tax cut.

I don't seem to remember any similar projects regarding the financing of the Iraq war ... apparently, it's o.k. to kill people with money you don't have; but damned if we're going to let the government help people by running up the deficit!

Anyway, one of the projects that everybody's ragging on, even on the liberal side of the aisle, is a "bridge to nowhere" (actually an uninhabited island) being built with federal money in Alaska.

I don't know why they're complaining ... I think a bridge to nowhere is a great idea.

Viewed as an installation art piece/existential metaphor, of course. Like something Christo and Jeanne-Claude would do, only not as whimsical.

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