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Get your civil war on!

I know I said I was going to stop reading Blogs for Bush, but this is just too funny. Mark Noonan is accusing Democrats of agitating for civil war!!!
...the "indictment" of Tom Delay is entirely bogus - from what I've read, Tom Delay didn't know about the perfectly legal transaction he is accused of conspiring to make. We have now left entirely the field of normal political conflict and entered a twilight world where fantasy is presented as fact and the only standard of conduct is "will it work?". This is not the actions of a political Party engaged in seeking a majority - it is the action of a Party determined to destroy its opponents entirely and sieze all power for is, in short, the stuff from which civil wars are made.

In a normal democratic society, the political parties argue it out, resort to the voters and abide by the results - in our very abnormal society, there is no argument. There is accusation and innuendo, and the count of the voters is considered null and void unless it comes to the "correct" conclusion as determined by one Party. The Democrats do not like Tom Delay - and that is natural and normal given that Delay is a senior leader of the other side, and a damned effective one at that. But this quest to destroy Delay goes beyond the pale - it is an outrage; a negation of all that America is about...a betrayal of American political institutions.

I really do urge our Democrats to step back from the edge - you are sitting in a lake of gasoline and you are playing with fire. We on our side will only put up with so much before we start to pay back with usury what we have received. If you can't defeat Tom Delay in the electoral field, then you will simply have to accept him as Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives - and you'd better start accepting political reality before things get really bad.
On a completely unrelated note, approximately what percentage of right-wing bloggers do you suppose are really and truly out of their minds? I mean, not just "crazy" in the way all right-wingers are crazy, but actually padded-room-worthy, certifiably, batshit insane.

Or are most of them just scumbags who are capable of doing a remarkably accurate impersonation of a batshit-crazy person if that is the only way they can defend their leaders?

Just wondering.

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