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I don't get it

I'm not all that bright, so maybe someone can explain this to me.

Oliver Willis:
Lincoln Chafee is voting for John Roberts. Explain to me again why the hell NARAL is supporting Republican candidates?
Ezra Klein:
In the area that most matters on choice, Chafee just voted for a Chief Justice who will, in all likelihood, work to overturn or radically constrain Roe ... NARAL should pull their endorsement. Actually, take that one step farther: NARAL should pull their endorsement and work like like hell to defeat Chafee. If it was important for them to prove they'd reward friends, it's orders of magnitude more crucial to show they'll steamroll those who betray them.
I don't necessarily disagree with Ezra's advice to NARAL, but what I don't understand is how both Ezra and Oliver seem to think that Chafee's vote is somehow proof that NARAL was foolish for endorsing him as opposed to his Democratic opponent.

Their argument (and Kos's) was that Chafee, a Republican, would vote to confirm Republican judges. Presumably, they meant to imply that if the Democrat won, he wouldn't.

They're focusing on Chafee's vote re: Roberts, but we also found out today how Pat Leahy and other Democrats would vote, and it's the same was Chafee will.

So Republicans confirm Republican judges, and so do Democrats.

Is anyone else confused?

UPDATE: Incidentally, John Kerry has announced he's voting no on Roberts.

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