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Litmus test

Oliver Willis:
So I think the Roberts nomination should be a litmus test for Democrats. Barring him showing fangs and eating a baby live on t.v., he’s going to be confirmed. Fine. But Democrats in the Senate need to start realizing something: their votes matter. Consider the Democrats, like Joe Lieberman, who voted to allow Mike Brown into FEMA or Democrats like Barack Obama who do silly things like voting for Condoleeza Rice to be confirmed as Secretary of State even though he noted that she had done a crappy job as National Security Advisor.

This is a new world, folks, and simply because you’re on the minority doesn’t allow you to slide by voting for bad things ... you need to vote no on him, and vote no on the right-wing agenda whenever it comes up (that means estate tax, income tax, social security, and foreign policy among others).
I agree ... except I think that if Roberts did bare his fangs and eat a live baby on national television, the Democrats should confirm him, because that would be pretty damn cool.

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