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OK, I'm a traitor

Mark Noonan lays down the law:
It must be getting overly clear by now that our enemies in Iraq and our domestic leftists are speaking the same language quite often - because they both have the same aim: the defeat of the United States in the War on Terrorism.

I've said it before and I'll keep right on saying it - this is wartime; a time for choosing. Which side are you on? You can be on the side of the United States and support our military effort to absolute victory, or you can be a traitor...those are your two options.

OK, fine, asshole. If I have to choose between "supporting the US military to absolute victory" (whatever the fuck that means) and being a traitor, then I choose being a traitor.

Your "War on Terrorism" is bullshit; it is nonsense; it doesn't exist; it's a fairy tale designed for children. The military action that takes place under the rubric of the "War on Terrorism" has zero to do with preventing terrorism and everything to do with advancing the strategic aims of the Bush administration and the business interests it represents. If being against "absolute victory" in that endeavor makes me a traitor, so be it.

There's nothing inherently wrong with being a traitor. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, etc., were all "traitors," as were the members of the various resistance movements in Nazi Germany. There's no shame in being a traitor to an unjust cause. If my choices are standing with Mark Noonan or being a traitor, I'll pick being a traitor any day of the goddamn week.

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