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People will do anything for free movie tickets

Humans are strange creatures. Kevin Drum:
I'll confess to a certain amount of curiosity about whether the extensive blog marketing campaign for Serenity actually works (see here, here, and here for examples). However, what I'm really struck by is the fact that bloggers can apparently be bought so cheaply. I mean, a free movie ticket? That's what, ten bucks? Sheesh.
You don't understand, dude. I know someone who manages a movie theater, and one thing I've learned from him is this principle: people will do ANYTHING for movie tickets. This person gets favors constantly, just in exchange for letting people in to a fucking $8 movie or whatever it is nowadays.

I have no idea what is so appealing about this. I hate going to the movies: the picture quality is always shitty, people are always talking, etc. Even for free you have to drag me to the theater. But other people, they'll give you their first born if you'll let them see Shrek 2 without having to buy a ticket.

Go figure.

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