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The "progressive" Daily Kos in action

If there's still any doubt remaining over Daily Kos's complete lack of true progressive credentials, witness the response to this post there by Cindy Sheehan. She writes:
bill clinton ... waged a secret war in Iraq with the supported sanctions and weekly bombing runs of "military" targets.

over one million iraqis, 750,000 of them children, died during clinton's years.

i am just wondering if george is trying to catch up?

clinton may be eloquent and intelligent, but he is a politician who apparently loves george and family now.
Now, before I quote some of the responses, it's worth pointing out that what Sheehan is saying is absolutely, uncontroversially true. (I mean the part about the lethal sanctions regime and the regular bombing; whether Clinton is eloquent, intelligent, or loves the Bush family is obviously a judgment call.)

But that won't stop the Kossacks from jumping all over her for daring to speak the truth about the "Big Dog." A sampling:
Do you have support for those allegations?

I'll take Bill Clinton over George W Bush any day of the week, any year, any century.


That would require using Google and doing a little research.

Hyperbole substitutes for substance and truth all too often these days.


Hey, just go to Free Republic

You'll find all the Bill and Hillary Clinton talking points you want.


I think you need to learn something about "Real Politik." Yes, Clinton went for the sanctions. Why? Probably because the alternative was what GWB did! Clinton is not responsible for the thousands of Iraqis who died under Saddam Hussein: Hussein is responsible because of his diversion of funds to build all those palaces...etc.

I am sorry to say, Ma'am, but your son died defending the USA. While he and I and you and numerous others may disagree with this administration on what that exactly means, it still means he died with honor. Casey Sheehan may not have agreed with the policies he was sent to Iraq for, but he knew what his duty was: to protect his fellow soldiers, even at the cost of his life! I salute him!


Your personal tragedy, and the strength of your convictions, do not substitute for due diligence.

Your association with ANSWER and the extreme far-left crowd is a trajectory which, if continued, will have you intersect the wingnuts upon the far-right, at the singularity point of politics where reason ends and agendas rule, bereft of any guiding principles that would otherwise lend them some semblance of consistency.

I admire your son for the sacrfice he made for his country.
At least one Kossack, however, gets things right:
I had always been so proud of him and fell for his charisma. It took years for me to face up to the truth of Bill Clinton, he is no hero to me.
A common Republican response to liberal opponents of the war is that they only oppose the war because Bush is president - that they don't mind wars, as long as they're started by Democratic presidents.

With regard to most of the folks at Daily Kos, I fear this criticism is directly on target.

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