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Right to privacy

I wish I could be heartened by this:
In his questioning of Judge John Roberts this morning, Senator Arlen Specter asked detailed and searching questions on the right to choose, the right to privacy and the power of stare decisis. Judge Roberts, in a surprise to me, was surprisingly forthcoming and detailed in his answers. In particular, in answering whether he believed the Constitution recognized a right to privacy, Roberts stated expressly and unequivocally that he accepted and agreed, without reservation, that the Constitution does recognize a right to privacy. He mentioned specifically privacy rights emanating from the 1st, 3rd and 4th Amendments and the liberty interests recognized and protected by the due process clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments.
This is nice and all, but Clarence Thomas said pretty much the same thing in his confirmation hearings, and then forgot all about the right to privacy a few years later when it actually mattered.

... you can listen to or watch the confirmation hearings here or here (via MyDD).

... Roberts won't answer Biden's question about whether a state law prohibiting abortion would be unconstitutional.

...Biden is repeatedly invoking the "Ginsberg precedent," which is smart - that's what the GOPers wanted, after all. Problem is, Ginsberg was a lot more forthcoming than Roberts seems to want to be.

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