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Roberts confirmation

Specter is grilling Roberts on Roe v. Wade. (Wingnuts will be pissed.)

Predictably, Roberts is dodging.

... whoa, now Specter seems to be asking Roberts whether his Catholicism will be a problem. He's asking whether or not he agrees with a statement by JFK to the effect that the Church doesn't speak for him, and vice versa. Roberts says yes, sort of - limits his answer to stare decisis.

... Roberts: "The right to privacy is protected by the Constitution ... Personal privacy is a component of the liberty protected by the due process clause ... protected not only procedurally, but as a substantive matter as well." Roberts says that his earlier comments about privacy - "the so-called 'right to privacy ... such an amorphous right is not to be found in the Constitution" - do not represent his current views.

... Leahy is asking Roberts whether or not Congress has the power to stop a war. Roberts is again dodging, but much less artfully so this time. Roberts says that Congress controls the purse strings, but Leahy points out that that doesn't necessarily mean anything, bringing up Iran-Contra.

... DeWine is asking him about handing out Bibles on a bus.

... then about pornography...

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