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I think I have a new favorite band, and their name is Smoosh. This sister-sister duo (ages 11 and 13!) is apparently one of the hottest bands on the indie circuit right now (according to Wikipedia, they've opened for Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie, Cat Power, and Nada Surf). From ANABlog:
Smoosh are a duo whose average age is 12, and happily, there's more notable about their music than their age ... there's just nothing quite like hearing these girls shriek like they do on "Bottlenose". We all know a few art rock chicks who would pay dearly to sound that genuine.
ANABlog provides a few mp3s:

"It's Not Your Day to Shine" (I especially like this one.)

"La Pump"


Smoosh also has a cool claymation video (from which the above image is taken). Check it out; it's real keep-your-head-out-of-the-oven stuff.

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