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Was yesterday some kind of anniversary or something?

Some wingnuts are upset with lefty bloggers for not celebrating the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with self-indulgent/maudlin/jingoistic blog entries.

Also, the DNC didn't have anything about 9/11 on its website ... until 1:30 p.m.! The bastards!

Come on, guys ... you know that 9/11 nostalgia is your department. Besides, you don't want us moonbats commemorating that day - we'd probably just piss all over your parade by posting quotes from America-hating, terrorist-loving leftists like Noam Chomsky ...
"My first comment on September 11, when I was asked by reporters here and elsewhere to comment, was that it was a horrendous atrocity, committed with awesome cruelty, and so on and so forth, like everyone else. [...]

There are a lot of things we should know. Take the question of proper response. There are many questions one can ask about proper response, but whatever answer one gives, it should at least satisfy the most elementary moral truism that I can think of, namely that if some act is right for us, is right for others; if it's wrong for others, it's wrong for us. People who can't accept that don't even rise to the level where we can even discuss their attitudes towards right and wrong.

So we have to accept at least that principle. And then we can ask, 'Well, OK, what is the right response for anyone to terrorist acts?' For example, what was the right response for Nicaragua? During a terrorist war that the US carried out, which was much more severe even than September 11: tens of thousands of people killed, the country was devastated, may not even recover. And it was an uncontroversial case, because in that case the United States was condemned by the highest authorities for international terrorism, by the International Court of Justice, and it would have been condemned by the Security Council, except that the US vetoed the resolution, and the General Assembly, and so on.

So, what was the right response? Well, was the right response to carry out some form of terror inside the Unites States--let's say, bombing, or bioterrorism, or whatever? Nobody believes that: that would be outrageous. Accordingly, is not the right response for us either."

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