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Wingnuts have got to be pissed

I'll tell you what ... right-wingers have got to be disappointed with the Roberts pick.

The guy sounded very friendly to Kelo today, and so far about the only wingnutty-ish thing he's said is repeated pat phrases about "judicial restraint" and how judges are supposed to "interpret" law, but not make it (as if the US didn't have a common law legal system).

It's very possible, of course, that when he gets on the Court, we'll find out that he's actually the second coming of Strom Thurmond. But it's also possible that he'll resemble someone like Sandra Day O'Connor, who he was originally picked to replace - that is, basically conservative, but not rigidly so.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying progressives ought to be happy about Roberts. If I were a right-winger, though, I'd be enraged that there is any doubt whatsoever about what kind of justice Roberts will be. They were promised a Scalia or a Thomas. Now, Bush is in his second term, the GOP controls the Senate by a wide margin, and they get not a slam-dunk conservative who will overturn Roe and Griswold and Brown v. Board of Education or whatever other Supreme Court decisions they don't like, but someone who is largely a question mark.

I can't imagine that a lot of the true believers on the Right aren't feeling betrayed today.

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