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The Democrats vs. the status quo?

David Sirota, always sharp, puts his finger on what's wrong with the Democrats' "we're not Republicans" strategy:
I honestly can't tell whether to applaud or shake my head in disgust when I see a comment like this from Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D) about the 2006 elections: "[Republicans] represent the status quo, and we are change."

... the idea that Democrats have offered "change" is, on many of the most critical issues, laughable ... Democrats right now have no official position on Iraq, energy, bankruptcy, trade, repealing Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the Supreme Court...and the list goes on.

Does that thumb-in-the-wind positioning really represent a party interested in "change" from the "status quo?" No - it represents a party that doesn't seem yet to have the guts to actually be for the kind of "change" they know they need to be for in order to win the 2006 elections.

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