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I'm forced to agree with Slublog (a conservative):
The Democrats are pretty upset about the nomination of Samuel Alito. They only have themselves to blame. Harriet Miers was about the most moderate candidate the left was likely to get from the Bush administration, and instead of supporting her, the Democrats watched conservatives fight over her nomination and quietly rejoiced in what they believed was a conservative crack-up.

...If the Democrats had wanted an O'Connor, they should have spoken up in support of Miers and forced her nomination into committee, and onto the floor for a vote ... The Democrats have made a habit of opposing everything this president does or says. With Miers, it cost them.
Sad but true, I'm afraid - assuming Alito gets through (which he will).

It is possible to derail this nomination, but the Senate Democrats won't take the necessary steps to do so. They could, but they won't.

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