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What to think, what to think...

I don't know.

Sucks to be Scooter. Good to be Rove, though - the press seems to be taking Fitzgerald's announcement that his investigation isn't quite over with yet as an ominous sign for Rove, and some bloggers seem to be following suit (HT: Mad Biologist).

I don't get the same feeling at all. Listening to Fitzgerald's press conference, I got the impression that nothing else major was coming down the pike. He seems to have concluded that the leak of Plame's employment with the CIA was not itself a crime, or at least that he cannot prove that it was. Scooter got nailed because he told a ridiculously implausible tale about his role in the leak, assuming that the narrative given by Fitzgerald in the indictment is even close to being right.

Fitzgerald specifically refused to name the person he refers to as "Official A" - the person who leaked to Novak (Scooter leaked to Matt Cooper and Judith Miller, apparently) - because he was not accusing that person (presumably Rove) of any wrongdoing. --Not yet!, you say. True. But again, my impression from listening to Fitzgerald (which, of course, I could be completely wrong about) was that only mop-up work remained.

There is an outside chance, I suppose, that Fitzgerald charged Libby first in hopes that Libby would "flip," and give him the goods on Rove (or anyone else, for that matter) in some kind of plea bargain. I find this scenario highly unlikely, however. Not impossible, but I just can't see Scooter, who seems to have always been a team player, betraying his comrades like that. Especially considering that he probably isn't facing any serious jail time or anything like that. No, I think he'll keep quiet, maybe plead guilty in exchange for some leniency; I can't imagine he'll go through with a trial. But I would be very, very surprised to see any charges against Rove, and I'd be absolutely shocked to see such charges stemming out of a deal with Libby.

But, what the fuck do I know?

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