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The Miers withdrawal - whose victory?

Blake at The Next Left has an interesting take:
The Dems strategy on the Miers nomination was to let it implode. It should have been to demonstrate that there was bi-partisan hostility to the Bush White House's cronyism.

Because of the Dems' inaction on Miers, the conservatives now own Bush's failure ... the Dems should have led the defeat of the Miers nomination, not stood by the sidelines.
I'm inclined to agree. I certainly don't see how the Democrats gain much from this. A lot depends on who the replacement nominee is, though. (Alberto Gonzales?)

If Bush nominates a right-winger of a Thomas/Scalia/Bork degree of wingnuttery, the Dems must go to the mat against him or her. I mean an all-out, scorched earth campaign - a "Borking," if you will, if that's what it takes. Otherwise, the Miers withdrawal will end up as a victory for conservatives.

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