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More on Miers

Blake at The Next Left talks about the theory that Miers was an intentional "sacrificial lamb":
...the inside word was Miers is Bush's sacrificial lamb: When Bush withdraws her name or when Miers is filibustered, Bush will finally be able to nominate a pro-life, gay-bashing Neocon.
Blake rightly rejects the theory as implausible, but (also rightly) acknowledges that in the event that the Miers nomination goes down in flames, the net effect might end up being the same (my fear in the post below on Miers).

Conservative Captain Ed thinks that some Democrats in the Senate are acting to head off precisely such a scenario:
I have insisted that the Democrats will not allow the Harriet Miers nomination to go down to defeat, inasmuch as the alternatives look too politically unpalatable. The Gang of 14, those "moderate" Senators who hijacked the confirmation process last spring, have made that outcome more likely than ever by issuing an endorsement of Miers...

This endorsement sends a signal that they find Miers not just acceptable, but as good as they can expect. The Republicans of the Gang want to simmer down the opposition building within their own party and assure the President that Miers will get confirmed no matter what. Their Democratic counterparts want to support Harry Reid's initial suggestion to nominate Miers and to send a signal to their caucus that opposition to Miers will only help the conservatives.

As I have warned, Miers will get confirmed unless she stumbles so badly during her hearings that the Senate has no choice but to reject Miers or for the Administration to withdraw her name. Apart from the unlikelihood of such a collapse, the confirmation has clearly become an almost certainty, and the Democrats will guarantee it to avoid Brown, Luttig, and McConnell.
And that may be the smartest strategy here.

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