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Is any blogger more hated by his or her own readers than Kevin Drum?

Though Drum is much too "moderate" for my tastes, I do respect him. But apparently his readers, or at least the ones who post comments, do not. (Sample: "Drum if there was ever any doubt old boy, you've laid it to rest today: you really are a fucking twit. Why don't you just get your kneepads on?")

It's no surprise; for "the frontispiece blogger for a self-described 'progressive' magazine" (as one commenter puts it), Drum suffers from frequent bouts with Sensible Liberal Syndrome. The readership of liberal blogs seems to be much further to the left ideologically than most of the major liberal bloggers are, and perhaps they are growing tired of faux-progressives like Kos, Josh Marshall, Oliver Willis, and, yes, Kevin Drum.

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