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Perverts stay home on Halloween

A number of states are taking extra steps to make sure that convicted sex offenders aren't allowed to take part in Halloween festivities:
Parole officers will be out on Illinois streets on Halloween, but they won't be hunting for tricks or treats.

They'll be searching for sex offenders violating parole. In Illinois, sex offenders can violate parole by having almost anything to do with Halloween ... A new Illinois law bans sex offenders from participating in Halloween or any other holiday event that includes children under age 18. Paroled offenders may not wear costumes, decorate their homes, hand out candy or even turn on their porch lights ... Parole officers will visit homes during the trick-or-treating hours to determine if sex offenders are meeting the requirements.

All Illinois' paroled sex offenders will be on "lockdown," forbidden from leaving their homes except for an approved work assignment or counseling ... State officials will use electronic monitoring bracelets to enforce the curfew. Anyone caught violating the rules will be taken directly to jail.
One Illinois town is going door to door to remind sex offenders about the restrictions:
Convicted sex offenders in Elgin may find red tags on their doors this Halloween, a message from police that they're being monitored and a not-so-subtle warning for trick-or-treaters to stay away.

In a move that underscores the intent of a new state law prohibiting sex offenders on parole or probation from handing out candy at Halloween, Elgin police will visit the homes of about 120 offenders who live in the city.

If no one answers the door, the property will be tagged, a "visible sign that police have been to the house," said Sgt. Bill Wolf, who coordinates the checks for the Elgin Police Department.

Law enforcement officials weren't aware of any other community in the state taking a similar approach. But police throughout the Chicago area warned Thursday that known sex offenders should consider themselves under a microscope this Halloween.

In Chicago, residents should call police if they see sex offenders handing out candy, said police spokesman Pat Camden.

The use of red tags smacks of placing a "badge of infamy" on sex offenders, said Harold Krent, dean of the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

"It's that scarlet letter all over again," Krent said.
And that's a problem ... why?

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