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Mark Noonan:
We here say we support the troops - oh, sure we support them. But when was the last time you actually went and did something for the troops?

The holidays are coming up and no matter what else might happen, a very large number of our best and bravest are going to be spending the next few months overseas...far from home, in great danger. One thing which can help ease the burden for the men and women of our armed forces is the ability to call home from time to time - and a good place to help out with that is Operation Uplink, which takes donations and purchases phone cards for our troops. I've donated to them before, and I hope you'll do so today.
Is there a reason why the US government can't provide some free long distance for these guys?

... just to clarify, I'm not suggesting that people not donate. I just find it odd that we have to resort to private charity so that service members can call home; it seems like a service that the government could provide them for free. You know, kind of like body armor.

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