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Armando insists on calling the Iraq war the "Iraq Debacle":
...there has been a pretty hot exchange going on between the Liberal Iraq Debacle Hawks (I use the word Debacle instead of War because I think it is important that we be clear that what they advocated for is a Debacle, whether they thought it would be one or not.) and those who opposed the Iraq conflict.
I don't mean to pick nits, but Iraq isn't a "debacle" (=df. "A total, often ludicrous failure"); it's a fucking crime, a wholly unprovoked slaughter.

I mean, there's perhaps a case to be made that Iraq is a debacle - though I am not sure that it qualifies as a "failure," at least not yet, and at least not relative to the administration's goals there, which are not at all impeded by 2000 dead soldiers and countless dead civilians - but that's not what is primarily objectionable about it, at least not to those of us who aren't "war pragmatists" (read: apologists for US imperialism and war crimes). Even if Iraq had gone swimmingly for the Bush administration, it would still have been wrong, and it would still have been the duty of morally responsible people everywhere to oppose it.

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