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The White House is large; it contains multitudes

How do conservatives know they can trust Harriet Miers? According to the White House, they can look to her participation in the Bush administration's judicial selection committee:
Early last p.m., righty radio talker Hugh Hewitt writes: "I spoke to Karl Rove an hour ago. His support for the Miers nomination is not merely enthusiastic, but adamant and even vehement. The judicial philosophy question? She has been a member of the White House's judicial selection committee for three years ... her participation in the process described discredits any idea that her core philosophy is unknown to the president or other senior aides. It defies common sense to imagine three years of such meetings leaving other senior staff and the president in the dark about her commitment to originalism."
But during the Roberts confirmation hearings, we were told that anything Roberts did in his capacity as a lawyer for the Office of the White House Counsel under Reagan, or for the DOJ under Bush I, was irrelevant, since he was merely acting as an advocate for his "clients" at the time (i.e., the Reagan and then the Bush administration).

So which is it? Is a potential Supreme Court justice's work as a White House lawyer relevant, or not?

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