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You were wrong; just admit it

A virtue in short supply nowadays is that of owning up to one's mistakes. We all make errors in judgment; this cannot be avoided. The real question is what you do about, once the error has been made. Do you admit it and correct yourself immediately? Do you try to weasel out of it and deny that you really made a mistake? Do you dig your heels in and insist that you are still right?

In my opinion, one's character is better judged not by mistakes made but rather by how one responds to them.

I'm thinking of this partly because of the increasingly silly justifications being trotted out to try to cover the asses of the irrational Hackett-obsessed bloggers. But more importantly, I, and many others, are disturbed by the refusal of prominent Democrats who voted in favor of giving Bush the authority to wage war on Iraq to own up to their mistake and just admit they were wrong and get it over with. This is not only their moral obligation; their failure to make amends is hurting their party as a whole, as David Sirota points out.

There is no shame in being wrong. But there is nothing but shame in being wrong yet continuing to insist otherwise.

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