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34%: She was asking for it

This is disturbing, to say the least:
A British poll, described as "shocking" by equal-rights campaigners, has found that more than a third of people believe women are to blame for being raped if they behave flirtatiously, wear sexy clothes or get drunk.

The IMC survey, commissioned by Amnesty International, also provided a "sobering insight" into why the conviction rates for rape prosecutions at jury trials are falling, despite stricter laws, said campaigners.

Although the number of rapes reported to the police in Britain has gone up in recent years, the number of convictions has stayed constant, at just more than 5% of cases.

According to the poll, 34% of those asked thought a woman was "partially" or "totally" responsible for being raped if she behaved in a "flirtatious manner".

More than a quarter also thought a woman was "at least partly responsible" for being raped if she wore sexy or revealing clothing, or was drunk.

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