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The continuing sorry state of the liberal blogosphere

Some people still don't get it. The leading 'progressive' bloggers are in reality squishy 'moderates' who hew to the same basic philosophy as the DLCers they so loathe. The 'liberal' Atrios rants about the "annoying left" and their "non-stop whining ... about how Clinton is personally responsible for an ever-changing number of dead Iraqi children", as if Clinton (among others) weren't responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Oliver Willis prints up t-shirts that read "Truman Dropped The Bomb," celebrating and making light of one of the most horrific events in all of human history. And, of course, the celebrated Markos Moulitsas is "not one of these touchy-feely hippy types that thinks war is inherently bad".

Seriously, this is the supposed cream of the crop of the liberal blogosphere? Fucking pathetic.

...Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic. I should mention that there are many, many very good liberal/left blogs out there. Every single one on the right side of this page (under 'allies'), for example. But of the ten or so most popular 'liberal' blogs, depending on how you measure, none is more than intermittently useful.

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