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Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska)

From the AP:
Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson Praises Alito

A centrist Democratic senator complimented Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito Wednesday as a jurist who won't "hammer away and chisel away" existing law.

While Sen. Ben Nelson did not endorse President Bush's latest nominee for the high court, he did say he was impressed by what he heard from Alito during his introductory visit.

The Nebraska Democrat, who was Alito's first senatorial host Wednesday, told reporters that he got assurances that Alito would not be "judicial activist" or "take an agenda to the bench" if confirmed to succeed Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is retiring.

"He assured me that he wants to go to the bench without a political agenda," said Nelson, one of the founding members of the centrist "Gang of 14" senators who earlier this year worked out a compact aimed at avoiding judicial filibusters except in the direst of circumstances.

Nelson, one of the 14 centrist senators that Democrats would need to sustain a filibuster, said that Alito "wants to decide each case as it comes before him."
Gee, Senator Nelson, you don't suppose that Alito might just say what he knows he needs to say to get confirmed, do you? You know, like Clarence Thomas did?

The best guide to what kind of justice Alito will be is not what he says now that he's been nominated, but the decisions he has authored and signed onto in the past - and as it happens, these do not provide much reason for optimism.

I don't mean to condemn Ben Nelson too harshly; he hasn't yet said whether he will vote to confirm Alito or not. But if he thinks that Alito's word should be all the assurance we need that he won't help to turn the nation into a police state where men control their wives' reproductive organs and anybody standing in the wrong place at the wrong time is eligible for a strip-search, he needs to be set straight. As the Mad Biologist says, the Alito nomination should be "the ultimate litmus test for every Democrat" - no excuses.

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