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Friday popular culture rubber-necking blogging

Kevin Federline - has there ever been a greater discrepancy between how cool a person thinks they are and how cool they actually are? (Image via ANABlog.)

If I understand correctly, Blogland rules state that whenever you post something out of the range of what you usually post about, you have to do it on a Friday and call it "Friday ______ blogging." There's Friday Cat Blogging, of course, but there's also Friday Beer Blogging, Friday Rock Blogging, Friday Middle Eastern Pop Star Blogging, Friday Prayer Blogging, Friday Guinea Pig Blogging, Friday Sex Toy Blogging, etc. etc. Seems to be the custom, so I'm trying to abide.

Anywho, I was reading the very cool ANABlog, "the official blog of the Analog Arts Ensemble," and I came across this - a portion of a leaked track off the upcoming debut album by none other than Kevin Federline, a.k.a. Mr. Britney Spears. It must be heard to be believed. He raps.

To Britney's credit, her response when "K-Fed" played his new music for her was to laugh in his face and tell him that he might sell a hundred copies, if he was lucky.

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