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The Great Sino-American War - will it ever come?

Apparently some people have their panties in a bunch because the mayor of Tokyo expressed doubt that the US could defeat China in a war.

But why would the US end up going to war with China? The Staunch Moderate thinks it won't:
We will never go to war against China.

Think about it. We never even went to war with Russia. Take a look around your house. What do you own that was produced in Russia? Some of you righties may have an AK-47, and you lefties probably have lots of Smirnoff. But those are the only things Russia knows how to make: guns and vodka.

Now take another look around your house. What do you have in your house that's not made in China? Going to war with China would bring economic chaos in the United States
That tends to be my intuition as well, though I freely admit I haven't spent much time thinking about this. SM's instinct, however, is correct - when it comes to matters of war and peace, it often behooves us to look at who stands to gain, and who stands to lose, economically.

War is almost always at least partly about money. This is one reason why the Iraq war shouldn't be construed as a simple 'mistake' made, or even a crime committed, by the Bush administration. Thinking otherwise risks reducing the problem of American neo-imperialism to an anomalous election of a disastrous president. But George Bush didn't invent this style of foreign policy, and it won't end with his presidency. Don't get me wrong: I'd greatly prefer a President Gore or President Kerry. But there's a sense in which either of them would have been the enemy of progressives in particular and decent, morally aware people in general as well, because although the Democratic Party is infinitely preferable to the GOP, there is simply no question that it remains primarily in service to Corporate America, and as such can never be trusted to do the right thing on its own.

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