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Malkin again

Matt Stoller (via Atrios) interprets Malkin's post (referenced below) as an acknowledgment that her husband does write some of her blog posts:
Malkin admitted something today.

She had previously claimed that she does all her blogging herself with the aid of her insomnia, and nothing else. Adorable! She can't sleep, so she writes hate-filled screeds about the need to imprison minorities! Others have been skeptical about her supposed lack of aid in producing the content she does. Even though it's not very good, there's a lot of it.

Well it looks like she just admitted that she doesn't in fact write her own blog posts. Her husband "helped me with a handful of blog posts out of the estimated 3,000 I've written since June 2004." What is a handful? 10? 20? 100? 600? Since he in fact stopped working when her 'career took off', it must be quite a handful!
That sentence didn't stand out to me at first, but now that I read it again, it does call out for an explanation. What does she mean by "helped me"? Has Jesse written blog posts for her or not?

Also, as Auguste points out, it really is a dirty trick for Malkin to conflate the ghost-blogging accusation with the claim that she is "a greedy Asian whore/dupe/brainwashing victim who simply parrots what my white slavemasters program into my empty little head." Simply pointing out that Michelle is being dishonest about the authorship of her blog is hardly equivalent to racism, and it's really sleazy of Malkin to insist otherwise.

But what do you expect from the author (or one of them, anyway) of one of the most irresponsible and reprehensible books of our time?

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