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Malkin responds!

For some time now, Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch (with an assist from the Liberal Avenger) have been making the case that it is extremely likely that some of the work put out under Michelle Malkin's name is actually written by her husband Jesse. Well today, Michelle finally responded to the charges made by these "vicious anonymous bloggers."

Before you click through, can you guess what her response was?

It's a dirty lie, of course. Also, they are racists and sexists.

...Malkin sympathizers are of course all torn up about the treatment poor wittle Michelle is receiving. One blogger's response: Michelle Malkin's critics are worse than terrorists and should watch their backs, and also I want to fuck Michelle Malkin:
Michelle Malkin has to be one of my favorite “talking heads”, columnists, and bloggers. She’s always on target with brilliant research, logic, and wit. It helps that she’s Conservative but I would appreciate her talents regardless of her political stripe.

Tonight I read her blog entry, “JUST A YELLOW WOMAN DOING A WHITE MAN’S JOB“, and found myself wanting to reach through the screen and either hug her or strangle the bastards causing her such grief. They can’t argue positions with her, for surely they would lose, so they begin insulting her ... The “people” saying these things about Michelle are no better, and possibly worse, than the barbarians we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many many other places.

...She’s a Believer in Christ first, a Mother to her children second, a wife\lover\friend to her Husband third, and somewhere down the list…she’s a Conservative ... she’s sweet and gorgeous and probably had her pick of men…Mr. Malkin should count himself the second luckiest man in the World next to me...

When you attack someone’s family you are crossing a line that, up until recent years, can be a Very. Dangerous. Thing. Where I come from such a verbal attack would definately provoke an immediate violent reaction resulting in bruised knuckles and broken noses.

God Bless You Michelle Malkin. Your friends out here know you because of the content of your Character and not the color of your skin…which is sexy as “aw gitout” by the way. ;)
Dude, I hate to break it to, but no matter how much you kiss her ass, she's not going to fuck you.

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