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Oh, now it all makes sense

The people of Maine were asked today to vote on a proposition called the "People's Veto," an effort to overrule a law passed by the legislature that guaranteed equal protection for gays. Christian Civic League leader Mike Heath explains why it was so important for his fellow Mainers to vote 'Yes' on the proposition:
Today is election day 2005. The people of Maine will vote about sex, again [Ed.-This is the THIRD time the religious right has put the issue before the voters, and the third time they were defeated.]. Many don't know this is the subject they are deciding -- sexual morality. They have believed the dark lies about our state. They think we are a state of bigots who hate homosexuals. This deception is made possible by the institutions of Maine. The media, the political parties, the government and even the Catholic Diocese of Maine. The responsibility for the corruption of our youth will lie with them.

The hands of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Coalition for Marriage, Maine Grassroots Coalition and every YES voter today will be mercifully clean. God has washed them. He is the only one with enough power to scrape away the evil filth that is now known in the west as the left.

To continue with the hand metaphor -- support for homosexuality is like creating a cake you plan to eat with your bare hands using mud from a pig sty while recognizing the evil of this ideology is like raising undefiled hands to heaven thankful for His miraculous salvation.

(Link via Slublog.)

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