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Talk about no new ideas

Something that's not mentioned very often is the way that the Right is still using the same old playbook from the Joe McCarthy days, with 'terrorism' replacing 'communism' as the one-size-fits-all smear for anyone who dares to question the wisdom - or sanity, or morality - of Bush administration policy, and as a final, absolute justification for any savagery or idiocy the administration wishes to perpetrate.

This post by Mark Noonan - who might just be the most far-gone Kool-aid drinker I've ever run across (I mean it) - illustrates the point perfectly (my emphasis):
Let us at least face this one fact: this War on Terrorism has been, and will continue to be, longer and bloodier than it had to be because a large segment of our own population does not see this war for what it is - a life and death struggle for survival on the part of liberal democracy. Victor Davis Hanson neatly describes the dead weight we are forced to carry into battle:
...Western parlor elites are still arguing over whether there were al Qaedists in Iraq before the removal of Saddam Hussein, whether the suspicion of WMDs was the real reason for war against the Baathists ... Some of this acrimony is understandable, but such in-fighting is still secondary to defeating enemies who have pledged to destroy Western liberal society. At some point this Western cannibalism becomes not so much counterproductive as serving the purposes of those who wish America to call off its struggle against radical Islam.
Mr. Hanson, I have noted, is a man who gives every benefit of the doubt to people who disagree with him - but in that emphasised point, we see him approaching a position which most of us have been wary of acknowledging: that the opponents, so-called, of the war have left rational dissent far behind and are now engaged, witting or otherwise, in an effort to secure our, that is, defeat for themselves. They don't understand that the Islamist butcher-knife is sharpened not just for neo-con supporters of Israel, but for Michael Moore and the entire membership of MoveOn as well. I'm a Christian - and a man really trying to live a Christian life (something a bit new for me) - and thus I love my enemies and pray for them; I wish this war were over and the bloodshed stopped...but war we have, and right and decency demand that we prosecute it to victory. The consequences of our defeat are so bad that no consquence of fighting for victory can possibly be worse.

So, we continue the fight - our President is steadfast and we are ready for whatever call to duty may happen. We will fight and win this war, and get no thanks from those we saved from the consequences of their own desires. So be it - life isn't fair; but Justice eventually triumphs over all.
Every good fascist knows that you need an Emmanuel Goldstein.

Notice that sentence just above in bold ... "the consequences of our defeat are so bad that no consequences of fighting for victory can possibly be worse." In other words, no matter how much blood the Bush war machine spills, it will never be too much. Just ponder the implications of that for a moment.

By the way, Noonan is no fringe figure; he's solidly within the mainstream of the Republican Party.

I am very afraid.

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