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They still don't get it

The National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez:
And why does the Left get to claim Rosa Parks? Brave American. Inspiring American. Does she need to become a liberal icon?
As Oliver Willis points out, she was a liberal, you stupid fucking twit. Rosa Parks worked for the NAACP, which Republicans are constantly dismissing as a left-wing organization, and for the very liberal congressman John Conyers.

But more importantly, almost everyone associated with the civil rights movement was on the left. As for those on the right ... well, let's see what conservative icon William F. Buckley (Joe Lieberman's pal, and the founder of the magazine that now publishes Lopez's nonsense) had to say at the time:
“The central question that emerges … is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas in which it does not prevail numerically? The sobering answer is Yes – the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race. It is not easy, and it is unpleasant, to adduce statistics evidencing the cultural superiority of White over Negro: but it is a fact that obtrudes, one that cannot be hidden by ever-so-busy egalitarians and anthropologists.”

“National Review believes that the South’s premises are correct. … It is more important for the community, anywhere in the world, to affirm and live by civilized standards, than to bow to the demands of the numerical majority.”

“The South confronts one grave moral challenge. It must not exploit the fact of Negro backwardness to preserve the Negro as a servile class. … Let the South never permit itself to do this. So long as it is merely asserting the right to impose superior mores for whatever period it takes to effect a genuine cultural equality between the races, and so long as it does so by humane and charitable means, the South is in step with civilization, as is the Congress that permits it to function.”
As for Brown v. Board of Education, Buckley's magazine, The National Review, published an editorial noting its ten-year anniversary:
“But whatever the exact net result in the restricted field of school desegregation, what a price we are paying for Brown! It would be ridiculous to hold the Supreme Court solely to blame for the ludicrously named ‘civil rights movement’ – that is, the Negro revolt … . But the Court carries its share of the blame.
What about Martin Luther King? Again, from the National Review:
“For years now, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his associates have been deliberately undermining the foundations of internal order in this country. With their rabble-rousing demagoguery, they have been cracking the ‘cake of custom’ that holds us together. With their doctrine of ‘civil disobedience’ they have been teaching hundreds of thousands of Negroes … that it is perfectly all right to break the law and defy constituted authority if you are a Negro-with-a-grievance.
These are just a few samples of the sentiments of leading conservatives at the time of the "Negro revolt", but you get the idea. Given this history, it takes an extraordinary degree of chutzpah for right-wingers to angrily object to the characterization of Rosa Parks as a liberal icon, when they should just be keeping quiet and hoping that no one remembers or points out their shameful history.

(By the way, spare me your comments about Democrats filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those Democrats were conservatives, and you know it. Besides, I never claimed that the Democratic Party's hands were clean. However, if you want to know which party is the party of contemporary racists, you'll note that 90% of blacks vote against the GOP every chance they get.)

UPDATE: The Madman says it better than I can.

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