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What the hell is the point of this?

Fascist-in-libertarian's-clothing Glenn Reynolds has started "Open Source Media," a "venture designed to bring together top online writers, journalists and commentators under a single umbrella." From the AP (HT: Blogometer):
NEW YORK -- A media Web site scheduled to debut Wednesday will seek to blend traditional journalism with the freeform commentary developed through the emerging Web format known as blogs.

Some 70 Web journalists, including Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds and David Corn, Washington editor of the Nation magazine, have agreed to participate in OSM - short for Open Source Media.

OSM will link to individual blog postings and highlight the best contributions, chosen by OSM editors, in a special section. Bloggers will be paid undisclosed sums based on traffic they generate.

The ad-supported OSM site will also carry news feeds from Newstex, which in turn receives stories from The Associated Press, Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service and other traditional media organizations.

"We're deliberately trying to do something new by affiliating blog and mainstream people," said Roger L. Simon, a blogger and the venture's co-founder.
So basically, it's just another blog and news aggregator. Like there's not enough of those.

I suppose it's possible that "OSM" will be substantially better in some way, but a look at the hideously designed front page doesn't provide much hope.

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