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What the hell is wrong with me?

Why do I keep reading Blogs for Bush? Why do I do it? I know it's not good for me, yet I do it anyway. Maybe I should get some of that software that prevents you from accessing certain websites.

Mark Noonan, the most prolific writer over there, is such an enormous asshole that it's almost impressive. Here's what he had to say today:
David Duke and the Anti-War Left: Is There a Difference?

We report, you decide:
Former Ku Klux Klan leader and Louisiana State Representative David Duke was in Syria on Monday to express solidarity with Damascus.

At a press conference in the Damascus' Rawda Square, Duke said, "I have come to Syria to express my support for the Syrian people.... It's the duty of every free man to reject the conspiracies and threats Syria is exposed to." Duke charged that pro-Israel neo-conservatives in the US are controlling American foreign policy and that "Zionist-controlled mass media" are hiding "the reality of Israeli terrorism against the Arabs." ... (emphasis added)
If you can spot the difference between what Duke said and what, say, Moore or MoveOn say all the time, then you're a lot smarter than I am. Duke, of course, is a crank...but it is illustrative that Duke crankism is now general on the left. The utter disintegration of the left is is now in favor of anything as long as it is against America...

So, lefties, what have you to say for yourselves?
I'll let the bit about being "a lot smarter than" Mark is go by, but I'd like to try my hand at spotting the difference between Duke's rhetoric and that of Michael Moore and MoveOn.

Let's see ... I'm pretty sure that neither Moore nor MoveOn has ever used the phrase "Zionist-controlled mass media." So, there's one difference.

Look, do you guys really want to play this game? Because the rules seem to be: if your position on a given issue is the same as that of David Duke, then you are crazy and wrong and you hate America.

Hey, what do you think David Duke's position on immigration is? What do you suppose he has to say about affirmative action?

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