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Yeah, well...

John Cole, a blogger who seems to have drunk a slightly diluted helping of right-wing Kool-aid - meaning that he parrots GOP talking points only about three-quarters of the time - has been accused of "selling out to the left" by condemning torture. Jack Grant (HT: Moderate Voice) wonders why:
Regular readers here already are aware that I agree with Cole on this particular topic. What is interesting is the response of some to any statement that torture is morally wrong. Somehow, being against the use of torture by our government is immediately associated with “selling out to the left” ... opposition to torture is apparently an attribute of "the left" according to some of his readers.
Look, I wish that opposition to torture weren't solely an attribute of the left, but it seems to have become so by default (generally speaking). Cole is the exception; the majority of conservatives react angrily when anyone suggests outlawing torture, even though we never torture anybody, and, you know, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11...

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