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Alito (remember him?)

Bush's SCOTUS nomination has been off the radar screen a bit lately, but it's made a return with the news that the GOP is threatening to respond to any attempt to question Alito's character - e.g., bringing up the fact that he has a hard time telling the truth to the Senate - by bringing up Chappaquiddick. Chappaquiddick!

And the Democrats are the ones with "no new ideas"??
The GOP team working with the White House to win confirmation of conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is putting out a warning to Alito's Democratic critics: Question his ethics and character at your own peril. In their sights: Sens. Edward Kennedy and Joe Biden. "We're absolutely prepared to have an ethics debate with Teddy Kennedy," says one insider who mentioned the "C" word: Chappaquiddick. "Questioning Alito's credibility and character will be hit back hard," said one of the Alito supporters.
AMERICAblog thinks this smells of desperation, and they may be right. It's becoming more and more clear that Alito, who looked like a reasonably smart pick at the time, is actually an enormously flawed nominee. Even conservatives have to admit as much, if they're being honest. (Yeah, I know...)

Don't get me wrong; I'm not predicting his defeat. Never underestimate the Senate Dems' capacity to buckle even when they've got the majority of the public behind them. But the fact is that Alito represents the Bush administration's second consecutive awful choice for the Court, and GOP 'insiders' appear to know it.

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