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The Boss is right

I'm not a huge Bruce Springsteen fan - I like his politics more than his music - but I did appreciate this quote of his from a recent interview (HT: bg truth):
We forget that every adult was brought up on fairy tales so it's natural to go on and, politically for example, want to believe that your President is a nice, honest man. The inability to turn to an adult perspective once you get to the age where you have some political weight is a great tragedy, and this is a period of history when it seems the most obvious type of disguise is on display to the entire world and yet those are the people who are still in power.
This is exactly right, though I would add that the "inability" to see things as they are is more like a refusal to do so, and is thus not only a great tragedy but a profound moral failure as well. Any mentally competent adult is quite capable of giving up fairy tales, and it is to their everlasting shame if they fail to do so.

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