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Forget Tookie

Angelica is challenging liberal bloggers to catch up to the other side in speaking out against the pending execution of Cory Maye, whose murder conviction was highly questionable at best:
Cops mistakenly break down the door of a sleeping man, late at night, as part of drug raid. Turns out, the man wasn't named in the warrant, and wasn't a suspect. The man, frightened for himself and his 18-month old daughter, fires at an intruder who jumps into his bedroom after the door's been kicked in. Turns out that the man, who is black, has killed the white son of the town's police chief. He's later convicted and sentenced to death by a white jury. The man has no criminal record, and police rather tellingly changed their story about drugs (rather, traces of drugs) in his possession at the time of the raid.
Unlike the Tookie Williams case, Maye is a highly sympathetic figure, and the seeming injustice of his conviction, not to mention his execution, is a cause that should be more amenable to people of all political persuasions, since conservatives are always telling us how important it is to have guns so that people can protect themselves from intruders busting into their house, and putting people to death for doing exactly that would seem to undercut their argument quite a bit.

Unfortunately, Maye was convicted in Mississippi, and as the passage above mentions, he is black, his victim is white (and well-connected). So the odds of preventing his sentence from being carried out are probably grim. But Angelica is right: this is an instance of injustice that should be unacceptable to anybody with a modicum of decency, and there's nothing to lose in trying.

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