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God bless Wikipedia

In which other encyclopedia would you find an article describing, in some detail, the many species of abuse which school children inflict upon one another? All the familiar ones are there - Indian burn, noogie, wedgie (both 'basic variations' and 'lesser known variations'), wet willy, swirly, etc. - but there are also quite a few that I had never heard of before:

When someone falls to the ground, usually in an embarrassing way, the victim is then pelted with school bags which are thrown at them to inflict physical and mental pain. This is also a common occurrence on birthdays when the victim is thrown to the ground and has bags thrown onto him. To maximise the damage heavier bags are often selected and are thrown from further distances and heights.

Happy Corner

Usually in boys' schools and camps, the victim is lifted by a group of pranksters, with legs opened up, and then is either rammed into a pole or a protruding corner of a wall, and has his genitalia rubbed against it. Sometimes a variation of "Happy Birthday" is sung, with "birthday" replaced by "corner", during the act, hence the name. This can cause from as little to irritation to as much as serious damage to the victim's genitals.


To inflict a limpy, the perpetrator gives his hand (usually the nondominant one) several shakes until the fingers are limber and flexible (i.e., "limp"). He or she then places the forefinger under the thumb and shakes the hand violently so that the middle finger moves freely. The middle finger is then flicked or snapped on the victim's flesh, particularly the head. This maneuver can be extremely painful if inflicted with sufficient force.

Palm cancer

This is done by informing the victim that if one's hand is bigger than their face, they are likely to develop cancer. This invariably causes the person to position their open hand up to their face to compare the relative sizes. At that point, the perpetrator forcefully pushes the victim's own hand into his/her face.

Running Through a Forest

Similar to Palm Cancer, this prank entails instructing the victim to close their eyes, and imagine they are running through a forest. There's usually a bit of build-up, entailing repeating the phrase, "You're running, you're running through the trees," etc. At a suitable moment, you smash your hand into the victim's face, and tell them, "You just ran into a tree. That's what you get for running through the forest with your eyes shut."

Nipple cripple

Also known as a "nipple twister", "titty twister", or a "(purple) nurple", it is the act of grabbing a person's nipple between the thumb and forefinger and then twisting it around roughly. This game is typically played among young males and it is discouraged when either player is shirtless.

Hertz donut

Asking a person if he wants a "Hertz donut". An unsuspecting person will believe he has been offered some kind of doughnut. When the victim admits to wanting one, the prankster hits or punches the victim and then says, "Hurts, don' it?"

Skirt Float

This prank is usually done by a boy, who puts a helium filled balloon attached to a piece of tape onto the bottom of a girl's skirt. This causes the girl's skirt to lift up without the girl noticing, which exposes either her panties, or, if she is going commando, her rear.

Impossible elbow touch

The victim of this subtle prank should be a girl with prominent breasts. The prank is simply to ask her if she can touch her elbows together behind her back, which is physically impossible for a human of normal anatomy, but it causes the breasts to protrude more than any other posture. The longer the victim continues to attempt the impossible elbow touch, the funnier and more enjoyable it is for the observers.

Special Speech

This victim is convinced by the prankster to say the words "Hoof hearted, ice melted." In front of a large crowd. Of course, the outcome, the victim appearing to say "Who farted, I smelled it", is embarrassing. Only will work with a person who is fairly dim-witted.

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