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Ha ha

ESPN's computer simulation of what Johnny Damon will look like as a Yankee.

This has to just kill Red Sox fans:
Damon jumps to Yankees

A Red Sox offseason of discontent and upheaval took another shocking turn last night when free agent center fielder Johnny Damon, who had achieved rock star status in Boston, defected to the New York Yankees, agreeing in principle to a four-year, $52 million contract that will become official when he passes a physical.

Almost as stunning as Damon's decision to sign with Boston's storied archrival was that the Red Sox did not learn of Damon's decision until they were contacted by reporters last night...

The Yankees' offer, while far short of the seven-year, $84 million deal Boras had set as the target price for Damon, trumped the four-year, $40 million proposal Lucchino made to Boras during the baseball winter meetings in Dallas two weeks ago...

''It was a very tough decision, but New York came after me aggressively and that's what sealed the deal," Damon told Channel 4 last night. ''They showed they really wanted me. I tried with Boston, waiting for them to step up, but unfortunately they didn't and now I'm headed to New York.

''They [the Yankees] were coming after me aggressively. We know George Streinbrenner always wants to have the best players and he showed that tonight. He and Brian Cashman came after me hard and now I'm a part of the Yankees and a great lineup. We're going to be tough to beat.

...In the bound presentation Boras and his staff prepared for clubs interested in Damon, the first page in Section One is a quote from Sox owner Henry.

''Johnny Damon has been the face of our franchise," Henry said.

That face -- one Damon vows he will keep clean-shaven to accommodate Yankee owner George Steinbrenner -- now is about to join the Yankees.

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