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Lamest protest ever?

The Right is working to bring down the Christ-hating Jews liberals of the ACLU with a devious plan:

They're sending them Christmas cards.


(Get it? Because ... well ... I guess because the ACLU is the headquarters of the anti-Christmas forces, or something.)

Commenting are Tom Tomorrow:
Oh, that’ll really show those godless Commies, won’t it? Man! Can you just imagine the response of the ACLU staffer who opens up a stack of envelopes and finds them full of Christmas cards?

Actually, the response would probably go something like this: “Oh, look! Some Christmas cards! How nice!”

...and jedmunds:
I'm sure that the Athiest and Communist Lovers are totally demoralized to discover that a bunch of private citizens on their private time and on their own dime are sending Christmas cards to celebrate their private religious convictions. Dammit. It's as if removing state endorsements of that wretched holiday weren't enough to end Christmas all together. Time to figure out plan B.
I'm going to have to ask again, Republicans: why is everyone in your party so goddamned stupid?

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