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Propaganda for nothing and your lies for free

Tony Pierce (via wonders if the Pajamahadeen might just be on the Bush administration payroll: it got me thinking, if BushCo has at least $100 million to spend on name-changing media spinning company in Iraq... do they have $3.5 million left over to spend on a name-changing media spinning company in America?

if RoveCo had no problem funding conservative journalists in the mainstream press to reward/encourage them to continue to write pro-Bush columns, it seems to me that $3.5 million to secure 70 big-time bloggers via multi-year contracts would not only be in line with the history of this administration, but a bargain at twice the price.

now i'm not saying that Charles Johnson and Roger L. Simon are in bed with the Bush Administration, or the Instapundit. those guys are fair and balanced. any time the Republicans make horrible mistakes, the first people to point them out are Little Green Footballs and Professor Reynolds.

but i am saying that in light of the latest example of Propaganda from Above - Pajamas Media is starting to look fishier and fishier.
I don't know that they're on the payroll, but they might as well be. Which is what's most pathetic about the wingnutosphere - they'll catapult the propaganda for free. Christ, guys, at least prostitutes get paid.

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